Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ebang Falguni to be screened in Bhubaneswar

Inscreen the premier film society of Orissa, India and the official organizer of Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) on the beaches of Puri, intends to mount a film festival comprising some 25 films at Bhubaneswar from 7th to 9th July, 2006. These films are selected from the entries in the last three editions of BYOFF which is more than 400 films. Ebang Falguni the short experimental film by Sharmy Pandey will be screened . Q & A session may follow after the screening of the film. We are not sure whether Sharmy is attending this festival it all depends on the work condition of her present film Birth Of A Pillow.

Sama' Duo to do film score for Bengali independent film

The Sama' Duo (sarodist/udist Mustafa Stefan Dill and percussionist Jefferson Voorhees) have been chosen to provide the soundtrack score for an upcoming film by independent film director Sharmy Pandey, a Bengali filmaker and writer based in Kolkata, India. This will be Ms. Pandey's third film to date. Entitled "Birth of a Pillow", it will be a "film which deals with Indian sexuality", according to a statement on a blog by a Bengali artists' collective she is a member of: Her experimental short "Ebang Falguni" (2004), based on the text of a lesser known 60s alternative Bengali poet Falguni Roy, has been screened to critical acclaim at the Florence Indian Film Festival, the Alternative Film Festival, Picciano, Italy and others:

Her second film, "29 Minutes of Loneliness" has also gotten strong attention and is currently being presented at film festivals, including the Stuttgart Film Festival, July 2006."Birth of a Pillow" is currently finishing filming in and around Kolkata.As the Sama' Duo places a lot of emphasis and experience on improvisation, the Duo will take an interesting approach by recording several passes of improvised takes (some with differing instrumentation) while watching and absorbing the film. A few area guest artists may be invited to participate in some of the passes, and several takes may appear simultaneously in the final mix. Final post -production and synchronization will take place in Kolkata in July. Mustafa Stefan Dill will go to Kolkata to help in this phase. For further details, see this entry at the Sama' Duo website: see Sharmy Pandey's blog in conjunction with the Graffiti Expressions collective at
For more details you can check out Duo's

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

29 minutes of loneliness to be screened in Stuttgart

29 minutes of loneliness the experimental film by Sharmy Pandey is selected for the third annual Bollywood And Beyond Film Festival,Stuttgart, Germany.The festival starts from 12 of July 2006.29 minutes of loneliness is selected for the Indian Shorts section. More deteils will be available within next two weeks.

29 minutes of loneliness Duration: 29 min 25 sec Format: DVcam Year of Production:2005 Language: Bengali Subtitle: English

Description:This is a nonlinear film based on an extract of Sharmy Pandey's novel 'Hriday maranor sukh o asukh', where the protagonist has chosen to live in his own world of loneliness.
Synopsis:Eklapon, the protagonist of '29 minutes of loneliness' is basically a loner, who thinks that being together is also a way to being alone.He is a man without any digit of identification, without any job,without love, happy with his loner-ism. As if he is just an observer, walking down the years, days and nights, with an emotional heart and a comfortably numb mind.

Director: Sharmy Pandey Producer: Subhankar Das Camera: Anup Hazra Sound: Subhodeep Sengupta Editing: Pranabesh Chandra Music: Partha Sarathi Chandra Script: Sharmy Pandey

Festival Screenings

R Eject Film Festival, Rotterdam,The Netherlands

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ebang Falguni

Ebang Falguni to be screened in Bhubaneswar, India this month .Dates to be announced later. This experimental short film by Sharmy Pandey is based on the text of a lesser known bengali poet Falguni Roy who was associated with the alternative bengali literary movement -'Hungry Generation' of the 60's.This is a non-biographical, non-linear film .This is more like a poet struggling with the lines of another.A visual poetry depicted on digital pixels.The Rimabaudian image of the poet and his sexual politics relating with the present neurosis of the large cities.

Participated in the following festivals:
R Eject Film Festival,Rotterdam,The Netherlands.
India International Women Film Festival,Kolkata,India.
SAAFA ICC Global South Asian Short And Documentary Film Festival,Milipitas,USA.
Independent Indian film festival,Nova Cinema,Brussels,Belgium.
Global South Asian Short And Documentary Film Festival, LA,USA.
River To River Florence Indian Film Festival,Florence,Italy.
Alternative Film Festival,Picciano,Italy.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Birth Of A Pillow

Kolkata based film maker Sharmy Pandey has just finished two days of shooting of her third experimental short film Birth Of A Pillow. This film is being funded by her friends . It needs another four days of shooting tobe completed and again she is short of funds which her friends are trying to raise. We thank all her friends who helped her with funds or advice. Thanks Santanu Roy (poet), Pranabesh Chandra (film editor),Chandani Basu (artist),Arunabh Bannerjee (art director),Parnab Mukherjee (theatre personality), Bob Rosenthal (poet), Amlan Das (film critic) to name a few .
Thanks Mustafa Stefan Dill of New Mexico who is doing the honours of music for this silent film which deals with Indian sexuality. He will be flying to Kolkata end June to do the music part.
Sharmy's earlier films Ebang Falguni, 29 minutes of loneliness has been screened in different film festivals around the world.