Tuesday, May 16, 2006

29 minutes of loneliness to be screened in Stuttgart

29 minutes of loneliness the experimental film by Sharmy Pandey is selected for the third annual Bollywood And Beyond Film Festival,Stuttgart, Germany.The festival starts from 12 of July 2006.29 minutes of loneliness is selected for the Indian Shorts section. More deteils will be available within next two weeks.

29 minutes of loneliness Duration: 29 min 25 sec Format: DVcam Year of Production:2005 Language: Bengali Subtitle: English

Description:This is a nonlinear film based on an extract of Sharmy Pandey's novel 'Hriday maranor sukh o asukh', where the protagonist has chosen to live in his own world of loneliness.
Synopsis:Eklapon, the protagonist of '29 minutes of loneliness' is basically a loner, who thinks that being together is also a way to being alone.He is a man without any digit of identification, without any job,without love, happy with his loner-ism. As if he is just an observer, walking down the years, days and nights, with an emotional heart and a comfortably numb mind.

Director: Sharmy Pandey Producer: Subhankar Das Camera: Anup Hazra Sound: Subhodeep Sengupta Editing: Pranabesh Chandra Music: Partha Sarathi Chandra Script: Sharmy Pandey

Festival Screenings

R Eject Film Festival, Rotterdam,The Netherlands


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