Friday, December 08, 2006

BOAP excerpts on - better resolution

BOAP excerpts on - better resolution
We improved the resolution for the web cuts, so here are two samples we just posted on Youtube:Birth of A Pillow - In the Shadow of a Holy Book Known as the "Priest sequence" in its working form, the scene traces the guilt and self-destruction of a priest as he is distracted by a woman across the courtyard.Birth of A Pillow - Birth of a Pillow ( excerpt) A couple engages in solitary lovemaking on their wedding night, followed by a peaceful stroll as the couple contemplates the arrival of the new child.Warning: sexually implicit material (but not explicit).

BOAP shown at film fest

we got out it out the door, barely - but we did, and it showed to a supportive but small crowd. its quite an experience to see it on full screen!The big press breakfast is tomorrow and I'll be on hand to answer questions.Look for some scenes from the film to be posted on the site later this evening.
Mustafa Stefan Dill

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Birth Of A Pillow screened at Santa Fe Film Festival

Birth Of A Pillow was screened on 3rd December at Santa Fe Film Festival in front of a small but appreciative crowd. More reports can be found :
Our music director Mustafa Stefan Dill will attend todays Breakfast with the press.